Thursday, September 18, 2008

Interesting Tech: Dropbox

This probably isn't suited (yet) for businesses beyond a handful of people, but has an article on "Dropbox". Dropbox is a tool for synchronizing files between pc's using their intermediary service built upon Amazon's S3 storage. It appears to be a young tool with some limits and a good bit of promise. Check out the Dropbox FAQ for a good list of what it is and what/how it does it.

Might be a good tool to help keep an updated copy of key documents in case of disaster(if you don't already employ a DR plan that does this) - Or for use at home to keep those precious digital memories backed up. It's not a backup service in a technical sense - it only keeps copies of live documents, no history. It does however offer an "UnDelete" feature.

It claims to use encryption, but per the FAQ you can always put your files in a TrueCrypt volume and then sync that up.

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