Friday, September 5, 2008

Meeting Room Mayhem

I work in an office that has a handful of meeting rooms, some large enough for seated groups of 40, others with long boardroom style tables for 20. Each of these rooms has a projector, either ceiling mounted, or simply set on a small rolling table/cart. Each of these rooms also has either a PC or a laptop that is networked an usable by anyone with a login. It never seems to fail when I see a call from an extension in one of these rooms, that the previous occupant proceeded to disconnect any and all wires and completely rearrange the seating. In the past I've tried neatly arranging / wrapping any wiring to make appearances as neat (and safe) as possible with the hopes the overall 'neatness' of the room would be better kept.

I'm searching for any (realistic) concepts of how to (even subconsciously) motivate people into returning a room to a 'standard' when they are finished using the room.


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Will said...

For our main conference room with a fixed overhead projector, we've locked the pc in a stand, put it in the back of the room where it is connected to the network and projector through wall jacks, and installed Bluetooth keyboard and that users can sit almost anywhere in the room and run the pc...we occasionally deal with keyboard disconnect calls (usually they just need to switch the keyboard Bluetooth to "on"...but generally is has prevented the messy situations you speak of.

JeffHengesbach said...

@ Will

Thanks Will, that's a good idea. Do you ever run into the BT KB/Mouse growing legs and walking off?


Matt said...

I don't have any problems like this, mostly because of the small size of the company, but it sounds like Will is on the right track by limiting the amount of freedom the users have to 'customize' the room to their liking. I don't know how you'd do that, since I don't know the room, but I'm sure it's possible.

It also might help to have a more stringent policy for reserving the rooms. Maybe have the organizer sign an agreement to leave the room in a usable state, and get a signature when they're done with the room, saying that they left it as it was.

Sorry about not commenting when you wrote this. I'm a little behind ;-)