Monday, September 15, 2008

New Poll: CRM

I blogged earlier about CRM and wanted to put a poll out there to hear what others are up to regarding CRM. My workplace is still on track to begin a SageCRM implementation in the next few weeks. It is definitely one of those tools the users aren't really sure of what it does or even is. I've been working hard to spread the word it is something that can help significantly improve the level of customer service provided by bringing together the details of various interactions different employees have with customers in one central location. Another major point of any rollout is adoption. A big part of the final vendor selection was usability and I feel confident SageCRM will be viewed as intuitive to use - it is natively web based and integrates incredibly well with MS Outlook. Some department managers have also been tasked to ensure their areas are 'motivated' in a measurable way to utilize the tool.

A few small (15-20 people) sister companies I know live and die by their CRM. What are your CRM experiences - good and bad?

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Poll Results

1: Yes in Use
1: No but considering
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