Monday, September 8, 2008

New Poll: Virtualization

Poll Day Topic: Do You Use Virtualization

Share your experiences, opinions and environments about virtualization. What solution do you use and why. Are you avoiding virtualization? What has worked for you and what has not.

I use it - at work, and at home. In the office it has saved tens of thousands in equipment alone, not to mention some of the 'intangibles': cooling, power, physical space, recoverability, testing, etc. I'm a VMware fan for several reasons, but I'm not looking to start a holy war over the best solution - here anyway. Some key points I've taken away from my virtualization adventures: 1) RAM, RAM, RAM - have lots of RAM in the physical server. RAM is your best friend and it is inexpensive these days. 2) VM's generate lots of small random IO - have a properly designed disk subsystem (aka avoid Raid5). More spidles are your friend. 3) Understand the workload of your VM's. Checkout one of my older posts about virtualization in general and why it's valuable in nearly any environment.

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Matt said...

I'm using vmware-server on several of my production machines.

On my desktop, I run a WinXP inside a VM using VirtualBox

Anonymous said...

We use Solaris 10 on T1000s, T2000s and T5220s all running multiple containers each with their own kernel, file systems, SAN space, etc.

JeffHengesbach said...

Poll Results:

4: Yes Commercial / Paid product
4: Yes Free Product
0: No but considering
0: No not considering