Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crossroads - Linux TCP Load Balancer

I ran across Crossroads while reading an article on VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and thought it'd be a good one to share. The quick summary is, Crossroads is a TCP software based load balancer. This works by directing clients to the Crossroads host system which then takes the request and passes it out to (one of many)backend systems in a manor that keeps the number of connections to each backend equal(balanced). Crossroads also keeps track of any backend that may be down so requests are not dolled out to the down system.

At first glance the balancing appears to be strictly based on number of TCP connections to each backend system (not response time based, or other advanced feedback), which may seem simplistic to what some hardware based balancers may offer. Simple can be good though(so is free - GPL)!

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