Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Poll: Virtualization Platform of Choice

It's been quite some time since I've put up a poll - so here's a new one. There are a plethora of solutions when it comes to selecting a virtualization platform. I (and others) are interested in hearing what your selection for use in the datacenter is(was) and why you chose that route or possibly changed solutions. VMware, one of the long time incumbents in the x86 virtualization arena, I'm guessing is going to be favored (for various reasons).

I'll cast my vote and thoughts. I'd used VMWare products of the workstation variety "many" years ago in order to run Windows and linux concurrently on the same laptop. The early iterations of their products I thought were OKfor desktop/workstation use but I couldn't see using them in the datacenter. Through a couple versions of the workstation product I observed significant improvements, then for a few years virtualization was off my radar for various reasons.

2007 planning begins and as I look at my replacing my aged equipment Virtualization comes back on the radar. The decision is made to 'crawl' into virtualization, in the datacenter, and use the VMware Server 1.x product. Into 2008 and VMware Server 2, virtualization is here to stay. 2009 - new storage, server capacity needs, and the availability of ESXi (free) have found me on the ESXi platform with an excellent commercial hardware and OSS software SAN. My environment is 'small' thus ESXi free is an excellent fit that allows for adding centralized managment and other advanced features when the need arises.

My long time history using VMware, seeing its progress, and the maturity of its current solutions made it my top selection. Other solutions are still in their infancy, some too far away from the metal, some lacking ease of management, corporate stability, cost, etc.

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