Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vmware New Release Day

It's a big day in the virtualization world. VMware is publicly releasing vSphere 4 today. Jason Boche has posted some initial information this morning on his site and VMware's site is of course buzzing with all sorts of new information. VMware will be putting on a simulcast at 9:00AM PDT/Noon Eastern - registration required.

Some of the highlight are in the pricing document (thanks to Jason for the link) which is a good read. Of interest: Pricing is based on per processing socket (with a defined limit of cores/socket), vCenter Server (Centralized management) is still an add-on purchase(in most cases), the SMB Essentials (& Plus) offerings appear to be some nice packages for the small business looking to consolidate 5+ servers with centralized management and basic high availability.

I'll be curious to see more technical information as it is released - more hardware/feature support in ESXi4, etc. Initially I don't see where Xenapp Server being freely available has made much impact, but the day is young.

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