Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shared Hosting with Exchange 2003

This post is as much a placeholder for me of some information I found some time ago as well as something that may be useful to others.  In late 2007 I was tasked with providing "hosted" email services for a sister company out of my employer's Exchange 2003 environment.  OK I thought, this should not be a big deal. The system has plenty of capacity, bandwidth, and Exchange 2003 has to have some mechanism to pull it off.

I started off by setting up a small environment in VMware: Windows Domain, Exchange server, "Internal" client, "Internet" firewall, and external client.  All of these of course sat on private networks internal to the host server.  I installed all the same applications to best mimic the real world - Antivirus, Anti Spam, Archiving, etc.

So I have this environment all prepared with a few users at the "primary" email domain, now what?  I turned to one of my favorite exchange online resources: www.msexchange.org and without too much searching found Part 1 and Part 2 of Shared Hosting with Exchange 2003.  These are both well written articles that made the project pull off without a hitch.

I know Exchange 2003 is on its way out(long gone?) for many people, but at the same time I'm sure there are just as many Exchange 2003 environments out there that will be around for a handful more years.

One key note to keep in mind.  During planning to add valid 'foreign' user accounts to your active directory,  consider ways to prevent those accounts from accessing other resources tied into the active directory domain!

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Matt said...

This is interesting looking at it from the "other" side, since our email is outsourced to a hosted Exchange provider (Apptix, in my case).

Do you guys run your own BBES?

JeffHengesbach said...

I'm sure the hosting folks have some 'cpanel' type frontend that does all the wizardry behind the scenes. It definitely added a few extra steps to user provisioning.

We've got all Windows Mobile based devices here(and not really that many of them) so no BBES.

Alex said...

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