Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trial Run: Aprigo Ninja

Fellow blogger Matt Simmons had previously blogged about "Ninja" by Aprigo. After bringing it up in passing again I thought it might warrant a try. Shortly after registering for the private beta, I was approved and provided access to the less than 5MB download.

I am not affiliated with Aprigo in any way - not a current customer, relative, friend to employee(s) there. My motivation for trying the product was its visual representation and analysis of data. I was curios how the volumes of file server data and underlying equipment that I manage was being utilized - beyond simple user quota figures.

Install was a breeze, the typical click, next, next, finish. At first run you have to setup a scan by pointing the application to a folder,share, or UNC path and providing a user friendly name. The trial is limited to 500GB per scan and seems to only be able to run one scan at a time - interactively.

Lots of interesting results are available after a scan is completed - most of them with 'drill down' capabilities to get the finer grained details. If a cost is entered, per GB/year, a dollar figure is displayed next to each result. This is great for seeing how much it costs to keep the different categories of data laying around. The non-trial/beta version appears to offer trending reports, cloud storage analysis and access management(very interesting!) as well. Aprigo Ninja is definitely a handy tool if you're getting going on trying to analyze your storage use or Windows File Server Resource Manager isn't cutting it (or you want to analyze data on samba shares). Give it a try, it's worth the small bit of time and effort.

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