Friday, October 30, 2009

New Location ToDo List

The 'new' site I've been working with over the past several weeks has several traits I would say are pretty typical. A small, very successful business is acquired / merged with another that is owned by a fairly large parent that also happens to own my place of $WORK. I've had the pleasure of being involved to help get their infrastructure, projects, strategy, and support into a more organized, best practice, and business aligned status.

There has been a lot of learning from all sides up to this point. As I had mentioned most of the items needed attention are not surprising knowing the company was a grassroots effort that has grown incrementally over the past 10 years.
  • VOIP and computer data are traversing the same network
  • Some of the switching equipment is non-managed grade stuff
  • Switches are piggy-backed(Did I mention they do CAD work)
  • The primary IT person wears many hats and is severely overloaded
  • A new business software is mid implementation
  • The primary IT person is going on maternity leave within the next month
  • There is one server doing everything
  • Telco and Internet services are not cost effective / lined up with the business needs
  • No automation - Updates, software installs, PC imaging, etc
  • Remote access needs some help
  • Lots of processes need documentation / standardization
  • No tracking of support issues / history
The challenge for me has been uncovering all the details of the organization and infrastructure to ensure the decisions to right things going forward are sensible. Thankfully I have a good team at $WORK, supportive management, and plenty of great people at both locations. This is not an open call for vendors. Solutions to most of the above items have already been devised and some implemented - the timetable has been the biggest challenge to meet.

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