Friday, January 27, 2012

Error 0x800F0A12 Installing SP1 on Windows 2008 R2 Veeam System

I ran into a little issue trying to update my Windows 2008 R2 system that serves as my Veeam Backup server.  It did not matter whether I tried the SP1 install from WSUS distribution or the full download from Microsoft, it always ended fairly quickly with the error 0x800F0A12.

A little searching turned up this article on the website.  Following the guidance in the article it became clear the issue was due to disabled auto-mounting of volumes.  If your Veeam server directly access your SAN VMFS volumes, disabling auto-mounting of volumes is a critical step to keep Windows from squashing your VMFS volumes while still allowing Veeam to directly pull data from them.  I performed the following steps as resolution:

  1. Disable any Veeam jobs scheduled to start in the next 90-120 minutes.
  2. Removed all iSCSI Targets and Favorites from the Microsoft iSCSI initiator.  If you have a vendor specific tool be sure to check it as well (Equallogic HIT, etc).
  3. Disabled network access between the Veeam server and the iSCSI san - not taking any risks here.
  4. Followed the article's guidance and ran: mountvol /E to enable auto-mounting of volumes, then rebooted
  5. Installed SP1, Reboot
  6. Ran mountvol /N to disable auto-mounting of volumes, then rebooted
  7. Re-established iSCSI network connectivity
  8. Added back iSCSI Initiator configurations
  9. Verified Veeam could access VMFS volumes (test job)
  10. Re-Enabled all previously disabled Veeam jobs.
If you have any concern about using mountvol versus diskpart to disable / enable automount, they do the same thing.  Check this thread for the details and critical registry key to validate the claim.

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